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Monastery for a time

Do you dream of living communally or even founding a community yourself?

The Manorhouse in Steffisburg BE invites you to a temporary monastery! Inspired by the ancient tradition of monasteries, we live together as evangelical Christians (families, couples and singles) a rhythm that combines spirituality, work and community life. Distributed in different apartments and houses, which are just a stone's throw apart. We share spaces, grounds, vehicles, skills and resources of all kinds. The church year shapes our recurring activities. Times of friendship, prayer, work, learning and celebration unite us as does faith in Jesus Christ.

Temporary monastery means that you can live with us in the Manorhouse and gain an insight into our life as a community. You will be accompanied and supported, get to know our monastic rhythm and have the opportunity to help with various tasks in the monastery.


You are willing to move your center of life to Steffisburg for a period of at least three months up to one year starting in September 2023. Housing is available internally. The apartment is suitable for individuals or for couples. Small families on request, due to the size of the apartment.

You are German speaking

You finance your own living

You participate in the common rhythm, but you organize your everyday life independently, ideally you have a job or you are studying.

Interested? Then contact us.

We are available for further questions and will gladly accept your application in the form of a short video of maximum 2 minutes. Include a short personal introduction, why you are interested in "temporary monastery" and a fun fact about yourself.

Send us your application video via to

We are looking forward to it!

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